Welcome to Overcoming Toxic Emotions where we are passionate about seeing women set free from the bondage of toxic emotions. These emotions are poisonous and dangerous to our spiritual life and well-being. This toxicity can drive us away from those we love most or spew words that cannot be taken back.

We believe through empowering, encouraging and educating women, we can help each other overcome the toxicity through the living Word of God.

If you found us by chance, just know that the Holy Spirit has led you here, so don’t rush out, just stay and see what God wants to say to you.

On behalf of the program founders, we welcome you in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. May our God shower you with His Shalom peace."

"It’s amazing what God can do

when we give Him the reigns of our life!"

Pastor Maria Payne      Sis. Melinda Zuniga

Overcoming Toxic Emotions, Inc.

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“The ‘Noccaea Caerulescens’ is a wild flower that flourishes in a toxic environment. Although its surrounding is toxic, the plant is able, through a process called photosynthesis, to absorb toxic substances present within the soil and store it in its leaves. It converts these unhealthy substances and expels healthy oxygen into the atmosphere. Much like the plant, we coexist in a world filled of toxicity; yet, we also can flourish and expel the aroma of Christ in this noxious world.”

​A NOTE FROM OUR Co-founders